Architecture and evolution of a post-glacial deltaic system: seismic stratigraphy of the Mentue Delta (Lake of Neuchâtel – Swizerland)

Matar Ndiaye, Andrea Moscariello, Georges Gorin


The stratigraphy, internal architecture and evolution of a last-postglacial deltaic sequence occurring in the Pleistocene-Holocene succession Lake Neuchatel has been studied by mean of seismic stratigraphic analysis which allowed the recognition of distinct seismostratigraphic units. The delta succession contains a channel complex formed during the first phase of the deglaciation (U3a,b). Specifically, three channels have been identified whose seismic facies suggest their formation associated with massive meltwater inflow from the ice masses. The activity of deeply rooted fault present in the study zone could have strongly influence the evolution and spatial distribution of the deltaic sequence.

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