Analytical characterizations of anthocyanins of the hydro-alcoholic extract of fruits of Grewia coriacea Mast

Aimé Bertrand Madiélé Mabika, Adolphe Christian Ngakegni-Limbili, Huguette Agnaniet, Maximilienne Ascension Nyegue, Jean Michel Quio Zao, Valérie Thiery, Jean-Maurille Ouamba


Grewia coriacea Mast (Malvaceae-Grewioideae) is a plant species of the Central African indigenous forest that produces edible fruits. It is the most commercialized fruit in Congo Brazzaville. However, Grewia coriacea just like many other fruits of the African indigenous forest is still to be thoroughly studied. In effect, the dietary potential of its fruits has been on the spotlight of some works, though obvious that its coloring property in food remains unknown. The urge to valorize tropical plant resources as well as the diversity of their metabolites for the food and cosmetic industry guided us to undertake the characterization of the anthocyanins found in the fruits of Grewia coriacea. The anthocyanin malvidine-3-O-glucoside was isolated after analytical characterizations carried out using chromatographic and spectroscopic methods such as the preparative thin layer chromatography (TLC), analytic high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), semi-preparative HPLC, visible-ultra violet spectrometry (UV) , nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS). This compound (malvidine-3-O-glucoside) had not been previously identified in Grewia coriaceanot even in any of the species of Grewia

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