Surface Coating by Ni and Ni/Si Co-deposition for Carbonaceous Steel Burners Protection from Corrosion at High Temperature

Pierre Jean Marie Richard DABLE, Désiré Martial Koutouan ABRO


ABSTRACT: The present work has been undertaken to improve resistance to corrosion that carbonaceous steel sheets undergo when used as burner material. Coating by Ni and Co deposition of Ni/Si composite from a nickel electrolytic solution named WATT bath containing 30 to 50 g/L of silicon particles have been performed on carbonaceous steel patterns. Those patterns have than gone through a thermal treatment under burners’ conditions. The efficiency of the coatings resisting corrosion has been discussed under the highlight of the quality of the coats, catch of mass and electrical resistance variation, compared to a naked witness pattern that has also supported the same thermal treatment. The results showed improved resistance to corrosion, which were strongly depending on the quality of the coating with preferential oxidation of Si into SiO2.

Keywords: corrosion; co deposition; weight; thermal treatment; electrical resistance.

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