Communication and Urban Mobility in Major Cities in Burkina Faso: Case of the Construction of the Northern Interchange in the City of Ouagadougou



Abstract - Superstructure projects are systematically exposed to the risk of opinions. Among other discursive resources to legitimize them, principles of communication of acceptability have been identified. However, they remain insufficiently demonstrated, which limits their scope. This case study contributes to the knowledge of the discursive resources of legitimization, linking these practical principles and the conceptual mechanisms that govern the communicational fabric of legitimacy. This research provided a robust theoretical anchorage to these principles of communication, which will become a real tool of intelligence of the communication situation. Among other things, the oral communication tools are adapted in a context of awareness for acceptability and the participatory approach must not be on the margins of a project with a strong social impact.
Keywords: Communication; Urban mobility; Acceptability; Market Gardener; Ouagadougou

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