Energy analysis of a 30 kWe solar tower power plant for electricity production in the Sahelian zone

Kory FAYE, Babacar THIAM, Mactar FAYE


This work focuses on the energy analysis of a 30 kWe solar tower power plant for electricity production in the Sahelian zone. For this study, an indirect pressurized air volumetric solar receiver and a Capstone (C30) gas turbine are used. Thermodynamic models for each component are developed to establish the energy balance of the system and to determine its performance. A calculation code for the simulation of the solar tower power plant is developed under Matlab software by inserting all the thermodynamic models which govern the system. These calculations are made taking into account the conditions of the environment in situ, the characteristics of the solar field and the Capstone turbine. The solar field consists of 175 heliostats of 2 m2 surface and 1.5 m height each. The results showed a solar-electrical efficiency of 25.45% for a compression ratio of 4.75 and a turbine inlet temperature (TIT) of 900 °C


Energy analysis; Solar receiver; Solar tower power plant; Capstone (C30) gas turbine

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C30 Micro Turbine Natural Gas, Available from,


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