Analyse numérique des transferts thermiques au sein d’un récepteur solaire à air

Baye Alioune NDIOGOU, Ababacar THIAM


In the present work a solar receiver with a reticulated porous ceramic foam bounded by two concentric cylinders, horizontal axis and length L is selected and studied for potential applications in a future Brayton Solar Dish System. An iterative method with a relaxation factor allowed us to solve the radiative exchanges equations within the cavity and the developed code giving the temperatures throughout the cavity and was is used as boundary conditions for the CFD model of the absorber in the form of UDF. A mathematical model based on the Representative elementary volume is used in this work to model the flow and heat transfer within the absorber consisting of a porous medium. The numerical solution of equations set was obtained with Ansys Workbench package. The fields of temperature from the simulation are analyzed and it is clear from this study that the temperature profiles show the excellent ability of the receiver to transfer the heat to the fluid. A thermal efficiency equal to 92% is found. And the model is validated by comparing the results with experimental results found in the literature.


CSP; pressurized-air solar receiver; net-radiation method; Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling

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