Techniques for charring agricultural residues in a carbonizer “01 fût” for the production of biochar

Philippe Bernard HIMBANE, Lat Grand NDIAYE, Diouma KOBOR, Afredo NAPOLI, Jean-François ROZIS


This paper deals with the possibilities of obtaining biomass coal carbonization method. Different agricultural residues (millet stalks, peanut shells, cashew shells, etc.) from the Casamance region have subjected to a heat treatment in a cylindrical metallic enclosure called carbonizer « 01 fût »). The carbonization yields of these three residues were evaluated and equal to 34.00 %, 34.07 % and 20.99 % respectively for peanut shells, millet stalks and cashew shells. Unburned fractions are respectively of the order of 0.5 %, 0.37 % and 8.95 %. Carbonization of cashew shell remains the slowest, the most difficult and was accompanied by release of the cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL).


Agricultural residues; Biomass coal; Carbonization; Carbonization yields

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