Differents topologies of three-phase grid connected inverter for photovoltaic systems, a review

Edjadéssamam AKORO, Marie Emilienne FAYE, Moustapha SENE, Gabriel jean Philipe TEVI, Amadou SEIDOU MAIGA


Three-phase inverters are widely used today as converters in many fields of application including renewable energies. Compared to single-phase inverters, three-phase inverters have a longer service life. This paper is essentially devoted to a review of the literature on the various topologies of three-phase inverters connected to the grid. The various power components of the inverters and the losses they generate have been described. Based on a few evaluation criteria, basic three-phase inverters such as Voltage source inverter, current source inverter and Z-source inverter were compared. Finally, the various three-phase inverter structures and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed.


Three-phase; grid connected; photovoltaic systems; Inverter; Power Components

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